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Our infant room is committed to making the first transition away from home natural and easy for both you and your child. In our calm and secure environment our educators will spend ample amounts of time

rocking, cuddling, talking, singing and engaging with your little one. Through thoughtful efforts they will

turn caregiving routines into teachable moments, based on individual needs and developmental level,

following a curriculum designed for even our youngest learners.


Our "home away from home" nurturing environment and daily routine works together with our curriculum of

multi-sensory activities, which include social emotional development, music and movement, language, story

time, math, science and the arts. Our toddlers are offered several choices and opportunities to foster their independence while nurturing their individual growth. While engaging in play, our educators provide the children with age appropriate activities that encourage exploration and cooperation.



Our preschool program provides a nurturing atmosphere that recognizes your child’s individual needs and supports their intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth. Readiness skills are reinforced daily and each child is treated with respect and kindness as a valuable member of our classroom. Teachers plan and implement weekly units with activities that are developmentally appropriate and meet the needs and skill level of each child. With safety as our number one priority, we maintain health and safety procedures to ensure a safe and wholesome environment in which each child can explore the world around them.


Pre -K is designed specifically to ensure students are ready to thrive in Kindergarten and beyond. Our Pre-K

program is designed to help students become more independent in a classroom setting and readiness skills

are reinforced daily. Our teachers foster a positive learning environment that encompasses all of the

developmental domains to prepare your child for a bright future with unlimited possibilities.  Our curriculum is in alignment with the Massachusetts frameworks standards, and we not only build on these standards, but also foster an important partnership between parents and teachers. As a team, we ensure your child is confident and prepared for kindergarten.

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