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About Us

"Nurturing The Whole Child"



Tiny Explorers Early Childhood School focuses on the development of the “whole child”.

Our main focus is not just on letters, numbers, colors and other academic skills. Those

will be developed, but those skills don’t outweigh the other necessary aspects of early


We teach children to explore, imagine, love, and grow. We believe in giving children a

voice, we encourage them to be confident and use their words to express their needs

and wants. We offer the children choices so that they know we are interested in what

they want and how they feel. We foster sharing so they can practice generosity. We

teach them feelings so they will learn compassion and empathy for others. We foster

learning through hands-on experiences that prompt children to ask questions that will

further their understanding and help create curious learners.

We provide children with opportunities to make mistakes so they can discover nobody is

perfect. We encourage self-help skills so they can feel pride. We provide children with

free time so that when they disagree with one another they have a chance to work it out,

and learn to problem solve. We provide a relaxed atmosphere so that they develop

persistence in approaching tasks. We allow children to be angry, or upset because

these are real emotions that need to be worked through, so their coping skills will


We believe every aspect of early childhood is a learning experience. Each child is a

valuable member of our school and they are treated with respect and kindness.

We look forward to partnering with you in providing your child the opportunity to explore,

imagine, love, and grow in a safe and accepting setting.

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